Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance

Solid and practical financial advice you can rely on.

Once your business is flourishing and you are ready to take it to the next level, inevitably financial changes must take place. It can be difficult to know when and which changes are needed, including the best timing to make changes in responsibilities. Sheena provides corporate finance advice tailored to your business’ needs, establishing fiscally practical and clear documentation on which your business can rely. This will allow you to confidently take the next steps in your business’ evolution.

Commercial LawCommercial Law

Commercial Law ensures your business has the solutions to succeed. As your business grows, a strong foundation will lay the path for further success. Incorporating and restructuring can be effective next steps for your business.

Commercial Real EstateCommercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate requires liability coverage and precise documentation, both of which are laborious and difficult. When you know that your property is legally and properly protected, it allows you to focus on the continued success of your business.

Intellectual Property & Technology LawIntellectual Property & Technology Law

Intellectual Property and Technology Law protects your brand or product from being misrepresented or stolen. Gain peace of mind about your intellectual property by reviewing and monitoring your agreements, websites, copyrights, and trademarks.

Employees and Independent ContractorsEmployees and Independent Contractors

Employees and Independent Contractors are valuable assets to your growing business. Clear contracts and workplace policies will allow you to create a respectful and open workplace where your employees and contractors can feel comfortable to work – which is a sound way to achieve long-term business success.